Mahoney Geochemical Consulting LLC (MGC) specializes in applying the principles of aqueous environmental geochemistry and geochemical modeling to industrial and mining projects.  As “a consultant to the consultant” MGC provides expertise in assessing the behavior of inorganic and organic chemicals in soils and in surface waters and ground waters.  

I have now started to include more information in a blog type format on some of the individual web pages.  Eventually this might be put into a truer blog format, but right now it is just a series of short notes and or figures with short explanations.  More will be added as I find new examples. 

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News and Events


 GEOCHEMICAL MODELING SHORT COURSE  - April 2020 Course completed.  We had five attendees in the 2020 course.  It was our first course done over the internet.

We had 16 attendees in the 2019 course. 

 The April 20 - 24, 2020 course has been completed it was done over the internet. 
Contact me at jmahoney@mahoneygeochem.com for more information about future courses.   Look for announcements here after December 2020.  Or go to the PHREEQC User's Site at 
http://phreeqcusers.org/index.php for updates.

Future Courses  

I expect to put on my five-day course on Geochemical Modeling sometime in 2021.  The exact dates have yet to be determined, it may be as late as in the fall of 2021 depending upon interest.  The course will be held in Lakewood, Colorado or if quarantine restrictions continue into late 2021 it will be done online.  This five day course will cover PHREEQC, PHAST, HYDRA/MEDUSA and possibly PhreePlot.   The course is a combination of lectures  and hands on exercises.   Contact John Mahoney at jmahoney@mahoneygeochem.com for more information.  

We continue to update and expand the presentations in these courses.  The new courses will include some additional discussion about the program PhreePlot and its ability to fit model parameters to observational data.  

PhreePlot Generated Eh-pH Diagram for Uranium